Look at me!

One tends to feel old when there are #trends you are not aware of. Especially when you go shopping and feel appalled by certain new fashion and styles of clothing. On a more positive note, I have trying to be open to these new trends. I may not include the word bae and fml in my vocabulary but fashion is always fun. Especially with instagramming and the whole #ootd deal.

Yes. I know. I am a few years late.

The past few years, say 5-7 of them have been a jumble of graduating, losing a 8 year love, surviving the economic crisis and attempting to get up while having fallen. Fallen pretty hard mind you. The bruised beat up kind of fallen.

I have healed a lot over the past few years thanks to my ex. Somehow I learned to laugh and love once again and was able to look ahead instead of staring at darkness. Even though I am now single yet again, I have retained the positivity that came again into my life. And let me tell you something, for the first time in my life I am having a lot of fun being single!

I am enjoying my handmade business, my lovely little balcony garden, my amazing friends and I have found this blog/instagram-ing outlet to share my obsessions. It is fun. I enjoy it.

I have been dabbling oh-so-slightly into the ootd thing. I must confess, I am shy with posting selfies and pictures of myself on Facebook and Instagram. No, it is not necessary to post a daily customary selfie online. But, I want to have fun marketing my jewelry and reaching out to the selfie generation. I am learning how fun it is to assemble outfits that go with my jewelry or how my jewelry can compliment certain outfits.

I have barely started trying this out and I hesitantly share with you a few photos of my outfit of the day. I am no model nor am I confident enough but well I bare my soul outfits to you. I am also a plus size 2x which helps make me feel shy. But I am learning self love here. :)

Ootd #1
Blue tights – City Chic $5
Black Tunic Dress – Stitch and Feather Fullerton $22
Bright Yellow Flats – Pantaloons India $6
Jewelry – by yours truly MadameSakuraCrafts Blue parasol Chiyogami paper pendant ($18) and oversized cocktail ring ($15).
Make up :
Gel Eye liner – Clinique
Mascara – Aveda
Lipstick – Aritaum Wanna be cushion lip tint in Fergie (read hot pink – not really visible in pics)
Foundation – Korean cushion pact (forget the brand)

Ootd #2
Oh how I wish someone could have taken a full photo of me. But oh well this will have to do.
Modern Kimono  Jacket – waves of attire rolling boutique ($35+/-)
Maroon tunic – stitch and feather Fullerton ($22)
Black shorts – City Chic ($15)
Jewelry – Again of course by yours truly. Madame Sakura Crafts cocktail ring in blue and orange sakura print ($15). Jhumki designs by raindrops Jhumki Modern necklace wire wrapped with Blue Kyanite and rough smokey quartz dangling from a sterling silver hammered wire loop and chain ($81).
Shoes – Steven Madden (?$)
Bright Pink Nails – Aveda
Lipstick – Water Sliding lip tint in… erm… one of the coral shades
Gel Eyeliner – Clinique
Mascara – Aveda
Face – Dior Skin Nude Air in Ivory (surprisingly… considering I have brown undertones. Whatever makes the skin look good!)

Ootd #3
Felt hat – Goldies Fullerton ($12 with discount)
Dress – Stitch and Feather Fullerton ($22+/- yes lately they have been dominating my closet)
Necklace – Forever 21($10+/-) and MadameSakuraCrafts Black Sakura Pendant ($15)
Gel Eyeliner – Clinique
Mascara – Aveda
Lipstick – Aritaum Water Sliding tint in Pink
Face – Dior skin Nude Air

Thanks for letting me share! ;) Here is to me – cheers! <3


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