Hello new green world!

A macro photo journal entry for today to see what the garden is bringing me in this lovely growing season. I haven’t had a chance to plant anything new this year but that doesn’t stop nature from letting what is already there to thrive. I’ve taken a macro look at these plants, so you can see what is not so visible at a first glance at the plant.
Do forgive me on the aphids on my zebra plant flower. I will be taking care of that tomorrow.
As cheesy as it sounds, I am so awestruck by new growth. It makes me incredibly happy to see these little detailed changes. Meet my budding little friends!

Succulent rosette budding a new rosette!

Succulent leaf budding new sprouts of life. Amazing how they propagate.

Another succulent flowering plant. Love the hot pink flowers. Notice the tiny buds emerging through the thorns.

This philodendron or Swiss Cheese plant has been growing like crazy and has become very large. This is a view of a sprouting new leaf from the undersides of the plant.

Curry Leaf or Sweet Neem plant has been growing a lot this season. I love to see the little two new branches emerging from the top.

Gorgeous Fresh Italian Basil. Basic. Delicious. Love Summer just for Basil!

My gorgeous Japanese Maple that grows bright red but turns green with maturity.

One of the most precious plants in my garden. My Ginkgo plant. Given to me as a birthday present from my bff on my 31st birthday. I enjoy seeing new leaf buds as they emerge in the growing season.

Philodendron taken from a small cutting is thriving and taking over my garden.

Holy Basil sprouts that I found all over my garden in all the pots. I carefully moved them all in one pot. My darlings are slowly growing altogether in a beautiful family.

The very FIRST flower I got from my zebra plant since I’ve had it for 4 years. It’s a miracle! I love yellow flowers and this has made me very happy. But the aphids like them too :(

New babies emerging from the aloe plant. Unexpected and beautiful.


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