Returning from a journey

I was in Ahmedabad, India to visit family for about 3 weeks. Ofcourse two weeks before and two weeks after included. Before was preparation for the trip – buying gifts for family and your basic necessities that you will need during the trip. Along with pre paying bills and all taking care of the things that need to be taken care of while you are gone. Being gone for 3 weeks was quite a long time. I had to put my craft supplies business on hold and the upcoming craft show preparation was pending.

I returned 3 weeks later to a very jet lagged self for about 10 days after. Yes… the post 30 year old jet lag is nothing to joke about. I was utterly disoriented both times. Surroundings seemed different, people and the climate was most disorienting. Ofcourse I have done this a lot of times before, even more often. But it seemed more trying this time. It probably did not help that it was scorching humid hot for two weeks in India and the last week it was full on Monsoon, whilst upon return it was the familiarly unfamiliar dry California heat.

My skin was pretty confused going through all these climates. I felt like I barely needed any skincare whilst in India. Ofcourse that was not a good idea. My skin got dry but not dehydrated in India since I wasn’t taking as much care of it. Fortunately a good facial at a salon did the trick. The lady massaged all sorts of creams and scrubs on my face and made it wondrously new again. I tried my best to take care of it after that but I think I did not have the correct skincare for the climate. Upon return to California, my skin was confused all over again but within a few days it seemed to adjust back to the dry arid climate and I was able to resume my skin care suited to prevent dehydration. And I was concerned about my skin during the flight. That was the least of my worries!

I did end up buying a few skin care and hair care items from India. I shall write about those soon. How could I leave without buying a little something eh? ;)


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