Summer Tea Party! Floral themed!

My nerdiness and love for obsessing over things came to life with my little summer tea party for a girls gathering. It’s always nice to catch up with the gals, so I asked to leave their hubbies home and I whipped up a spread of tea themed goodies. Yes, everything had some sort of tea in it except for the sandwiches. I took ‘tea’ to a more ‘tea’ level! And I had a blast experimenting and baking my heart out. Take a look see below for all that was made to please my best gals.


The whole spread of the Summer tea party! Iced Teas included a passion fruit and earl grey tea and a lychee oolong tea.

I was most proud of my scones since they had a lot of flavor in them. They tasted like a flower garden. Imagine a rose garden lined with lavender. These smelled just as they tasted. Very delicate and delectable. The white chocolate chips added a slight sweetness to all the floral flavorings. It was pretty much a herbal tea scone I suppose. I added some white tea in it as well.


Lavender-Rose-White tea-Chamomile-White chocolate Scones. These tasted and smelled like a botanic garden <3

The star of the show seemed to be these simple jasmine green tea shortbread cookies. Ever heard of earl grey cookies? It’s the same but I decided since I’m going for a more summery floral theme jasmine green tea might be a winner. I was never much into earl grey anyhow.


Jasmine Green Tea Shortbread Cookies

Oolong poached peaches were very delicate as well yet full of flavor. I saved the tea I cooked the peaches in and sweetened it and used it as a dressing.


Oolong tea poached pears with mixed greens

The sandwiches were very fun to make and very delicious. I cut out rounds and just layered them with different toppings/fillings. I’m sure you can put whatever you like in these. It was a little easier than making a lot of finger sandwiches since I just made one for sandwich cake for each gal and it was plenty of food. Notice the edible flower decorations on the plate. I wanted to use it on the sandwiches but they were not as fresh as I hoped they could be. Next time I need to find a better source for edible flowers.


Vegetable Sandwich cakes. (bottom-up) Layer 1 – cucumber cream cheese. Layer 2 – goat cheese watercress. Top layer sliced radish, sweet tomato and parsley.

The plum was so flavorful. It had the tang from the mint and the sweetness from the pomegranate jam. Paired with nutella the tart was to die for. You can never go wrong with puff pastry apart from the calories. But this does not happen very often. Neither do the sandwiches or the sweets or any of this. So, it was a complete cheat day and it was totally worth it! Nothing like the feeling when people love the food you slaved hours over.


Nutella tart with a plum-mint-pomegranate jam compote

Goat cheese is another standard favorite when I make finger food. I paired it with this peach preserve I got at the farmers market that was made with orange blossoms.


Goat Cheese and peach tart

These were pretty! But took me a while to experiment with before I got it right. It is just pound cake slices with a layer of pomegranate jam and topped with melted white chocolate with a rose petal garnish.


Petit Fours – pomegranate jam and white chocolate with rose petals

And there you have it. A fun little tea party. Most of my plates and cups are purchased at CB2 or Crate & Barrell. The green tea cups are vintage cups purchased in Downtown Orange (California). The cake stands are from World Market and Home Goods.

Tell me, do you fancy tea? If so what’s your favorite tea? Mine is white teas and oolongs!


7 thoughts on “Summer Tea Party! Floral themed!

    • jhumki says:

      I love it also! Isn’t it fun? :) Thank you so much. I’m glad they look appetizing. Those are a wonderful tea selection! Mostly white teas for me since I can’t handle too much caffeine.


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