A few of my favorite things~ in my balcony!

Take a glimpse in my little balcony garden. I don’t have much but I have enough! These little friends of mine are a few plants in my balcony. I haven’t taken pictures of all of the pots yet, but I wanted to share what I have.

It isn’t impossible to enjoy gardening in a balcony with no direct sunlight. I have grown many things here as well as herbs and vegetables. I get ample indirect sunlight so my plants seem to enjoy that.

The key is to find a few resilient plants that will do well no matter what. Some of my favorites are Ginkgo, philodendron and low maintainance succulents. The key to succulents is – don’t give them too much love. Forget about watering them now and then and let them do their thing. They don’t do well indoors. I’ve tried many times.

I’ll talk more in detail about all the varieties of plants I have but this is just a quick look-see in my balcony! I love my Japanese Maple. It’s the variety that when it starts leafing its red then turns to green. It gives a little color in my life! Oh and the bottom right is a fig tree I got for my birthday. A Brown Turkey! I am excited to see if it fruits next year. And my little bonsai’s are a new addition to the family. :)

image5 image7 image8 image1 image2


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