The hibernation bug

Do you ever just get burnt out by everything? Then after a good hibernation (or two) it starts getting better? I was not like this before I turned 30. But it seems things are more difficult to handle now. Why do you ask? I wish I knew.

Perhaps after experiences, encounters, successes and failures… things just don’t remain the same any longer. I was very ambitious in my 20s and with that twinkle in your eye when you are in school you are ready to conquer the world. Until… you actually meet the real world. Success is not as easy as it was in school. The luster starts to fade a bit once you meet the real world. It’s a tad bit harder to get up after a few hits in the face. The first hit is much easier, you gather yourself up pretty quickly since the ambition hasn’t been slapped out of you just yet.

This might sound very negative, but it is actually the most positive thing that happened to me (sadly). I had to hit rock bottom in order to gather myself up and face the world once again with a new ambition in mind. This time not as naive anymore, but a lot more cautious and more baby steps than long strides.

I work hard. But the stress I can’t handle as much as I could some 10 years ago. I get tired to the point that I get burnt out. I can not take on the world any longer, I feel. But then there is that small hope of hibernation. So I need to hibernate for a day or two. I stay in bed, get take out, do a LOST marathon and call it a day. There is something rejuvenating about this. I can not logically explain why. Is it the mind numbing? Is it the resting? Is it the not doing anything? Is it peaceful to just zone out? Not sure. But it works. And I think it is healthy. It is healthy to disappear for a day and repair yourself then have a meltdown. Don’t you think?

Then you eventually get tired of watching LOST and being in bed and want an actual meal. And so life begins again and you are ready to take things head on once again. It got just a tad bit easier.

Next time you can’t handle life, give yourself a break. You deserve a day of nothing. If you are like me, you really need to pep talk yourself into doing nothing. Let me tell you, this is probably why I get burnt out. I don’t let myself rest.

How do you hibernate or unwind?


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