Snail-ing it!

The battle of the Snail Creams! I will give a very short and sweet overview of the two snail creams I have tried.
I’ve tried Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream and the Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream. 

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These are both great creams in my opinion. They both do different things. The Missha one is more of a last step moisturizing gel type cream while the Mizon is more like a treatment you apply before your skincare.

Missha Super Aqual Cell Renew Snail Cream is a gel. It is not sticky but takes a few minutes to absorb in your skin.
Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream is a creamy gel texture. It is slightly sticky at touch  but absorbs really well. The stickiness is due to the snail content. But it is not gross at all. I actually love using it. It really hydrates well.
Missha has a lovely gold packaging. It comes in a jar with a spatula, but the actual product is very little in that big jar.
Mizon has a no frill packaging. You get as much as you see. It comes in a dark jar. There was no spatula in my packaging.
Missha – $45 on their website, $35+/- on Amazon.
Mizon – $18+/- on Amazon
Snail Content
Missha has 70% snail mucus in it.
Mizon has 92% snail mucus in it.
I loved both of these products. I personally I like the idea of using snail mucus as a treatment in my skincare regime. I find the Mizon cream to be very hydrating and love that it has 92% snail mucus in it. More snail the better! Missha being a gel was great as a last step but I find it not great as a stand alone moisturizer. Mizon also absorbs better and lasts a longer time compared to Missha. They both helped lighten scars, but I think that is a property that snail mucus has so Mizon having more snail mucus in it did a better job at lightening and healing my skin.

Which one would I repurchase? Mizon. Hands down. It has more snail and is a great treatment step in your skin care regime. I use mine after my Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum and Treatment Essence.

Happy Snail-ing!


6 thoughts on “Snail-ing it!

  1. Stephanie2015 says:

    Haha you are welcome ;) The Nature Republic snail products are quite creamy and moisture. They are my great skincare products during winter and spring. But I do have to change to less oily ones during summer <3


    • jhumki says:

      Thank you but I am barely a beginner! I am loving yours too! I agree! I was actually thinking of sharing some of my jewelry with you (check out my instagram and my other blog I have a small handmade jewelry business.) Always a pleasure to meet other bloggers with similar interests. <3


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