Apple – Fruit of the Week

Welcome to my second entry of vegetable/herb/spice/fruit of the week! (Yaaaay!!! Cheers!!)
Today I will ramble about ~

Apples arranged in rows on white background --- Image by © C.J. Burton/Corbis

Apples arranged in rows on white background — Image by © C.J. Burton/Corbis

Oh my these luscious globules have saved my life many a times. I kid you not. I had horrible stomach acidity from stress and the only thing that killed all the pain was Apples. They are nature’s antacid. Throw those bottles of tums and packets of prilosec away (they rip you of vitamin B). This works 20 times better. Hands down! Not to mention all these other health benefits.
When I was sick, my stomach hurt so much all I could eat was rice porridge and apples all day. I felt like crap but… guess what? My skin has never glowed so much before! The power of rice porridge cleansing my system along with the antioxidant power of apples really gave my health and skin a boost! It was amazing!
I will state some surface-level benefits of apples as I munch away on my apple slices while I type (so delicious!!).  Apples help regulate blood sugar. They have amazing polyphenols that are more concentrated in the skin than the pulp. So don’t peel that skin off of apples! It has tons of antioxidants, is an anti-inflammatory, is anti-cancer – all the good stuff. It has high water content – the juicy goodness that helps you stay hydrated. It is said to have a lot of digestive benefits plus helps prevent cataracts. What is not to love here people? Plus they taste good!

How do I eat these gorgeous gifts of nature?
I like eating my apples raw. They are my favorite snack. Sometimes, I slather some almond butter on it. So delicious!
Once a year or so I try to make an apple pie or an apple tarte tatin… (major drools…). Find recipe here. This is a treat though so not recommended regularly, but how can I not mention such a lovely dessert when I speak of apples. :)


My first attempt at a Apple Tarte Tatin ©Mehuli Shah

How do you eat your apples?


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