How I tackle my Dry Skin

A friend once told me – atleast you have dry skin. It’s so easy to put stuff on to get rid of dry skin. Oily skin is hard to take care of.

18 Jul 2013, Tokyo, Japan --- Snails crawl on the face of a woman during a demonstration of a new beauty treatment at Clinical-Salon Ci:z.Labo in central Tokyo July 17, 2013. Clinical-Salon Ci:z.Labo, which began the unique facial earlier this week, offers the 10,500 yen ($110) five-minute session with the snails as an optional add-on for customers who apply for a Celeb Escargot Course, an hour-long treatment routine of massages and facials based on products made from snail slime that costs 24,150 yen. According to a beautician at the salon, the snail slime is believed to make one's skin supple as well as remove dry and scaly patches. Picture taken July 17, 2013. REUTERS/Issei Kato (JAPAN - Tags: SOCIETY) --- Image by © ISSEI KATO/Reuters/Corbis

REUTERS/Issei Kato (JAPAN – Tags: SOCIETY) — Image by © ISSEI KATO/Reuters/Corbis

If only she knew the troubles of having sensitive dry skin! Have you ever noticed no matter how many things you put on it just doesn’t work? I also get a lot of eczema because it gets so dry. Those red spots are just as horrifying as pimples. And let me tell you they don’t easily go away either. They hurt. They get sensitive. Dry skin also looks very damaged and makes your skin look old and wrinkled if not taken good care of.

It’s also pretty expensive to take care of dry skin. I use a lot of steps and constant maintainance throughout the day to have my skin look normal. I am constantly experimenting with products to find what is best for my skin. There are tons of products for dry skin that just sit on your skin instead of letting your skin drink it up. That is sometimes the most frustrating trouble I find with dry skin products. But then there are all these deep hydrating products too that allow your skin to ‘drink’. I’m slowly ‘finding’ them. For now some great brands that help my dry skin are these Korean brands that seem to understand hydration better –  Laneige, Iope, Sulwhasoo, Innisfree etc.

Some tips that I find useful for my dry skin is

1. Following a good everyday skin care regime am and pm

Woman Washing Her Face --- Image by © Neil Guegan/Corbis

Woman Washing Her Face — Image by © Neil Guegan/Corbis

  • cleansing with moisturizing cleansers. Double cleansing is a must. Use an oil or cream cleanser to get rid of make up before you foam things up.
  • splash tepid water on your face atleast 8-10 times after cleansing to fill your pores with water and it helps reduce pore size.
  • fermented essences/ first care serums and toners (lotion in Asian skincare products) are most important to keep your skin full of moisture during the day and repairing at night. They help prepare your skin for your skin care to work better too.
  • moisturizing serums keep your skin from drying out. These can be layered on depending on your skin concerns.
  • eye cream will help from wrinkles showing up earlier than they should.
  • emulsion and/or face cream is the main source of your moisture and important for all the repairing your skin needs. I use both at night as I need a little extra when I sleep to wake up more nourished.
  • SLEEP is the best thing than can happen to your skin. Hands down!

2. Supplemental Hydration throughout the day

  • hydrating face mist is something I keep with me at my desk when I’m making jewelry. I mist myself every hour or other hour depending on need to give my skin that extra boost it will need after all the skincare is absorbed.
  • Drink LOTS OF WATER. The more water you drink, the less skincare you will need. It’s the cheapest skin care remedy available, why not go for it? It does your whole body good.
  • Other sources of hydration besides water fruit juices, fruits, barley tea help you stay hydrated if water seems to just go right through you. Sometimes I drink more barley tea than water.

3. Supplemental skin care before sleep a few times a week

Girls with facial treatment laughing --- Image by © Jetta Productions/David Atkinson/Tetra Images/Corbis

Girls with facial treatment laughing — Image by © Jetta Productions/David Atkinson/Tetra Images/Corbis

  • sleeping masks are your best friend if you have dry skin. Slather it on before you sleep and wake up with gorgeous skin.
  • snail products like snail creams and snail sleeping masks before sleeping will assist any repairs your skin is doing. It helps get rid of acne scars, eczema scars, redness or any other skin concern you have by its regenerative properties.
  • sheet masks will also give you an instant fix for all the moisture you need. I prefer the hydrogel sheet masks over cloth ones as they don’t dry out. These can be used even daily if needed considering the low cost.
  • all natural masks like yogurt, yogurt-honey, matcha-yogurt, seaweed etc. are a great way to replenish skin of water.

4. Deep Cleansing every 2-3 weeks

  • Exfoliating with mild peeling gels will help get rid of any dead skin you have preventing your skin from getting the care it needs. It makes your skin smooth and polished.
  • Pore cleansing with pore cleansing masks or carbonated water treatment help deep cleanse.

I will be doing a part II of this post with which products that I use for each category I’ve listed. How do you take care of your dry skin? Any recommendations?


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