The love of Matcha

I am guilty. I have a tea obsession.
I am a tea hoarder, drinker and abuser.
Oolongs, greens, whites… no blacks for me.
Unfortunately over the years my stomach has become very sensitive to caffeine due to acidity issues. So right now, it is white and herbal teas for me. But apart from just enjoying a lovely cup of smooth white tea (rose white tea is my favorite, followed by these amazing white teas from India – fuller body than Chinese white teas. But who can refuse a cup of Yin Zhen); I want to talk about using teas elsewhere.

25 Apr 2014 --- Matcha grren tea powder as a paste --- Image by © Alanna Taylor-Tobin/The Picture Pantry/Corbis

25 Apr 2014 — Matcha green tea powder as a paste — Image by © Alanna Taylor-Tobin/The Picture Pantry/Corbis

I’ve used matcha powder in a rather frivolous manner. Frivolous out of genuine love. I’ve used matcha for baking which is pretty well known already. Cookies, cakes, breads etc. I’ve also experimented with making matcha ice cream floats (was a complete failure. I added way too much matcha!). But the most fun I’ve had with matcha is using it as a skincare product. I’ve made body scrubs with it and face masks! I wanted to share a few easy peasy recipes for those two for this short and hopefully sweet post.

Face Mask
1 tablespoon Greek Yogurt
1/8 teaspoon matcha powder
1/8 teaspoon baking soda
1/8 teaspoon turmeric

This simple face mask is hydrating, exfoliating, brightening, soothing, anti-acne and everything good you want to happen to your skin. Greek yogurt will allow your skin to just drink it all up. It’s the cheapest available skincare that works wonders! The lactic acid also brightens the face and is not necessarily restrictive to a certain skin type. It does good to oily as well as dry skins. The baking soda is exfoliating and anti acne, as is the matcha. The green tea has other benefits for your skin as it contains antioxidants. And turmeric is a natural anti-septic and has a million other benefits. Turmeric praise deserve another post so I won’t ramble on here.
Pretty much – this mask makes you pretty so go for it! It works and makes your skin beautiful.

Body Scrub
1 teaspoon matcha
2 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon coconut oil

Take this wonderful smelling mixture with you in the shower and scrub it on in circular motion all over. You will feel invigorated and massaged. Rinse off and find supple lovely skin. All thanks to a few simple ingredients in your kitchen!


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