What will I muse about?

Hello world!
This blog is about me. All my social media is connected to my jewelry business and I end up being professional and not digress as much with my obsessions. This will be my place to share my thoughts about…

Skincare and Beauty products – I obsess over this! I will be posting regular product reviews, homemade mask/facial recipes. The products I use tend to be either Korean or Japanese products but there will be a mix in between as I go. I use a lot of homemade Ayurvedic (Indian Medicine) recipes for skin. I use what works for me!

Urban Gardening – What I grow in my balcony and indoors. Not a lot but it’s a learning process and I adore my green friends and those that have green friends!

Teas, Herbs, Foods and their health benefits – As much as I obsess over these things to a nerdy level, I may not be posting many recipes since I barely use recipes to cook. But if I do – I shall share. Or in general I will just talk about these things since I love them so!

Jewelry – I have a separate blog for my jewelry business but I may chit chat in between about the fun of creating things.

I hope to meet many other skincare enthusiasts, gardeners, health food nuts and fashion lovers to share my interests.


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