What is expected of me?

It’s been a long time since I posted in my blog. I made this blog to share all the things that I enjoy obsessing over. I then became very busy with my craft shows in the winter season after which I was totally burnt out and wanted to do nothing. I completely lost track of writing in my blog.

2016 started with a lot of anxiety of what is to happen next. What am I doing with my life? I will turn 34 this year. What do I want from life? Is it too late to change tracks? What is happening? This anxiety about ‘life’ and it’s uncertainty has been something that troubles me on and off. I have had long talks with friends and family about these thoughts and they only temporarily relieve my worries.

The reason mostly for these thoughts is because I have been brain washed to believe I need to walk on a certain path. Education, Work, Marriage, Children… and so on. Because that is what everyone around me did while I was growing up!  Out of this checklist I have only accomplished the ‘Education’. Work is something I did on and off but without long term success. When I say work I mean employed with a handsome salary. That is what it means on the checklist. Marriage had not happened yet because well I have not met the right person. And yes children can happen before marriage but not according to this particular checklist!

Whenever I visited home, India, I would be bombarded with why have I not gotten a job? Am I looking for a husband? Having kids is the most satisfying thing in life, I needed to get on it!  Oh the pressure you feel when you are asked all these life questions! My answer to everything was – I do not know followed with depression, anxiety and well bad case of acid reflux, the kind that makes you think you are slowly dying. It’s like seriously people have you heard of the recession? Things are different now.

In California, I have a diverse group of friends from different cultures who always tell me that I don’t need to rush to do all these things, It will all fall into place, I don’t need to do things a certain way. I still got asked the same questions as I had from family/friends in India by friends I was not as close to, who did not know my thoughts, worries, my situation etc.

This vicious cycle was not really going away. So, when nothing works, its time to change perspective on things. I always heard about the glass half empty half full analogy. Who hasn’t? We all know a lot of things. But it is when we realize them is when it actually registers in your brain. My glass had been half empty all along. I started asking different questions than I had before.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 12.54.07 PM

image from getty images

Q: Why do I need to be employed by someone to have a higher self worth? Why was it not enough that I was self-employed? Is employment some sort of measure of success?
A: I needed to appreciate more what I was actually doing. How many people can say they started a business from scratch and handled all the aspects of that business starting from conceptualizing, production, graphic design, marketing, actual selling, maintaining an online selling platform etc. I am doing all that as if it wasn’t a big deal.
It is a big deal.
I give myself five starts for that! Pat on the back! I am not a failure, I am a success.
I am also studying how to be a web developer. I want to design and build websites. I will go ahead and pat my back again. It is time I stopped undermining everything I do.

Q: Why do I need to be married to someone? Does that really solve life’s problems? Is life some sort of competition who gets married sooner? How many kids I have?
A: I will be lucky if I meet the right person, get married and have children. If not it’s alright. Why does that have to be a goal in life? Just because I was expected to does not mean I have to. What is the point to marry someone for the sake of it? Am I of more worth if I am divorced? I do want a family of my own someday but if I can not I will not think that I failed. I will simply think it was not meant to be. All I know is that I have lived. I have loved. I have learned. It may as well just be enough. If I don’t end up having one I will play with all these little ones my friends have been popping out. They are my family anyhow.

Q: What is happiness? What is success?
A: This was a tough one to think outside the box. I am still reading books on buddhist thoughts which are helping me immensely. Being inspired by the words of people like Jay Shetty, Steve Jobs, Dalai Lama etc. I am also reminded of what are the things that make me happy from this blog, my instagram and life in general. I cloud myself with judgement towards myself due to expectations others have of me. Things are not supposed to be a certain way, they are what they are.

It is time to love myself. It is time to celebrate who I am. I am a designer, a cook, a gardener, a photographer, a sister, a daughter, a friend. And heck, I am a pretty good one at that! ;)


New Love – Fermented skincare

My love affair with fermented skincare started with IOPE Bio Essence. It was the first fermented product I put on my face (apart from the usual yogurt mask I used). It made my skin glow. Ofcourse my pocket did not glow along with it so I never repurchased it.

Homemade Fermented Rice Water:
I tried making my own fermented rice water and applying it to skin. That works really well too but did not see as drastic results as I’d hoped for. It seemed more of a pain to keep making rice water and waiting for it to ferment when I am trying not to eat as much rice (trying to reduce the carb intake here!). It was good for the hair though, my hair got really soft when I used it as a rinse after my usual shampoo conditioner.

Innisfree Soybean Energy Essence:
So I purchased the Innisfree Soybean Energy Essence. I’m working on the bottle now and almost finished with it. I can’t complain about it, but I don’t think it works the same way the Bio Essence did. It was more so moisturizing than ‘intensive conditioning’. May not repurchase.

I then found out about Su:m37 from reading other blogs and watching skincare videos. I was intrigued that it used over 30 fermented ingredients (that HAS to be good right?). After much deliberation, research and obsessing, I went ahead and purchased a set from HonestSkin on Amazon for around $155. The set was to include the Su:m37 Secret Programming Essence, Repair Concentrate, Concentrated Cream and samples of the softner-emulsion-serum-eyecream in the same secret line along with a programming essence sheet mask.

I eagerly awaited the arrival. Once I got it, I was more befuddled than disappointed. I got a different set than what I ordered!

I instead got a full size Secret Repair Concentrate, the Concentrated Cream, Losec Therapy Samples, a sleeping mask tube and a losec therapy sheet mask. Now, I’m not complaining at all. I’m assuming this set is better than what I ordered. But I was disappointed that I didn’t get the Secret Programming Essence. A few emails fixed this problem and I am now awaiting a bottle of the Essence. It was no hassle at all. The seller seemed to be nice and well it was his mistake right?

Until then, I’ve been using this set along with some of my standard skincare and let me tell you skincare junkies this stuff is amazing. I won’t go into detailed reviews of each product since the purpose of this post is to talk about using fermented products on your skin. Requests for reviews are welcome though! I will be happy to post about it if you are curious.

The Secret Repair Concentrate and the Concentrated Cream are both amazing and I’m going to say the highlight of my skincare routine. The Serum feels like honey but more absorbing. It is intensely moisturizing and what a serum should be like. The cream is like butter and your skin feels just as buttery once applied.

For dry skins I highly recommend both these products. It is not super oily, it actually does a good job of nourishing your skin. Hence the ‘repair concentrate’. For oilier skins I recommend the Serum as a last step, skipping the cream should be okay since its pretty intense. But I needed intense and I found intense so I am intensely happy with these products!!!

Another lovely item I have tried is the Su:m 37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick1484716_637723979632833_2105488497_n-1
I swear by this rose stick, it is brilliant for sensitive skin. It does a lovely job of cleansing in a delicate way. It smells like heaven. Not only that it is very gentle on your skin. I think cleansing foams were stripping my face dry. I highly recommend this cleanser for all types of skin. Cleansing should not be so harsh of a step to begin with. And of course there is all the jargin about ph, which I’m not too familiar with but I believe this one is said to have a balanced ph.

Allow me to interject another fermented product in here. Kombucha. I have a friend who works for Health Ade Kombucha and I was lucky enough to try some samples. For the unfamiliar, Kombucha is fermented tea. It has probiotics, is fizzy and is really good for you. It has all these health benefits of improving your gut and liver health, digestion, mood enhancement, immunity building, has vitamin B etc.

I started drinking this stuff like 1/4 of the bottle everyday. Recommended was 1/2 bottle but I wanted to take it slow. The skincare fanatic in me wondered what would happen if you put it on your face!!! A little research revealed it is not unheard of! You can even make a hair rinse with the stuff. So I decided to use it as I used to use my IOPE Bio Essence. I would soak a cotton pad and wipe my face with it before I applied any skincare. It has been two weeks so far and I believe it has shown me similar results. It does smell a little when you put it on but hey, I got used to it pretty quickly and don’t mind it at all now.

Komenuka Bijin:
The komenuka bijin essence is beautiful. It is so light and lovely on your skin. I started seeing results right away. It has sake and yeast which are fermented ingredients. I am not linking this essence because Amazon is selling it at a ridiculously low price which I am slightly weary of. It fares for around $60 and is $90 on their website. So if you get it for close to $50ish it is a good deal but if it is $25 I would not trust the product.


Something to note about fermented products in general is that they may not work for everyone. It certainly works well on my skin. The first time I used the Su:m37 products my skin did need to adjust to it a little and it took about two days so four uses of the products. My skin looked great and felt plump as soon as I started using it but those first two days I did see one or two little bumps on my face. They weren’t really serious. It looked like it was just on the surface level and went away after I washed and moisturized my face. They didn’t appear again. Hence, the term ‘adjustment’. And now it works as it should.

Do you use any fermented products in your regime? I’d love to hear about it. Do share!

Look at me!

One tends to feel old when there are #trends you are not aware of. Especially when you go shopping and feel appalled by certain new fashion and styles of clothing. On a more positive note, I have trying to be open to these new trends. I may not include the word bae and fml in my vocabulary but fashion is always fun. Especially with instagramming and the whole #ootd deal.

Yes. I know. I am a few years late.

The past few years, say 5-7 of them have been a jumble of graduating, losing a 8 year love, surviving the economic crisis and attempting to get up while having fallen. Fallen pretty hard mind you. The bruised beat up kind of fallen.

I have healed a lot over the past few years thanks to my ex. Somehow I learned to laugh and love once again and was able to look ahead instead of staring at darkness. Even though I am now single yet again, I have retained the positivity that came again into my life. And let me tell you something, for the first time in my life I am having a lot of fun being single!

I am enjoying my handmade business, my lovely little balcony garden, my amazing friends and I have found this blog/instagram-ing outlet to share my obsessions. It is fun. I enjoy it.

I have been dabbling oh-so-slightly into the ootd thing. I must confess, I am shy with posting selfies and pictures of myself on Facebook and Instagram. No, it is not necessary to post a daily customary selfie online. But, I want to have fun marketing my jewelry and reaching out to the selfie generation. I am learning how fun it is to assemble outfits that go with my jewelry or how my jewelry can compliment certain outfits.

I have barely started trying this out and I hesitantly share with you a few photos of my outfit of the day. I am no model nor am I confident enough but well I bare my soul outfits to you. I am also a plus size 2x which helps make me feel shy. But I am learning self love here. :)

Ootd #1
Blue tights – City Chic $5
Black Tunic Dress – Stitch and Feather Fullerton $22
Bright Yellow Flats – Pantaloons India $6
Jewelry – by yours truly MadameSakuraCrafts Blue parasol Chiyogami paper pendant ($18) and oversized cocktail ring ($15).
Make up :
Gel Eye liner – Clinique
Mascara – Aveda
Lipstick – Aritaum Wanna be cushion lip tint in Fergie (read hot pink – not really visible in pics)
Foundation – Korean cushion pact (forget the brand)

Ootd #2
Oh how I wish someone could have taken a full photo of me. But oh well this will have to do.
Modern Kimono  Jacket – waves of attire rolling boutique ($35+/-)
Maroon tunic – stitch and feather Fullerton ($22)
Black shorts – City Chic ($15)
Jewelry – Again of course by yours truly. Madame Sakura Crafts cocktail ring in blue and orange sakura print ($15). Jhumki designs by raindrops Jhumki Modern necklace wire wrapped with Blue Kyanite and rough smokey quartz dangling from a sterling silver hammered wire loop and chain ($81).
Shoes – Steven Madden (?$)
Bright Pink Nails – Aveda
Lipstick – Water Sliding lip tint in… erm… one of the coral shades
Gel Eyeliner – Clinique
Mascara – Aveda
Face – Dior Skin Nude Air in Ivory (surprisingly… considering I have brown undertones. Whatever makes the skin look good!)

Ootd #3
Felt hat – Goldies Fullerton ($12 with discount)
Dress – Stitch and Feather Fullerton ($22+/- yes lately they have been dominating my closet)
Necklace – Forever 21($10+/-) and MadameSakuraCrafts Black Sakura Pendant ($15)
Gel Eyeliner – Clinique
Mascara – Aveda
Lipstick – Aritaum Water Sliding tint in Pink
Face – Dior skin Nude Air

Thanks for letting me share! ;) Here is to me – cheers! <3

Hello new green world!

A macro photo journal entry for today to see what the garden is bringing me in this lovely growing season. I haven’t had a chance to plant anything new this year but that doesn’t stop nature from letting what is already there to thrive. I’ve taken a macro look at these plants, so you can see what is not so visible at a first glance at the plant.
Do forgive me on the aphids on my zebra plant flower. I will be taking care of that tomorrow.
As cheesy as it sounds, I am so awestruck by new growth. It makes me incredibly happy to see these little detailed changes. Meet my budding little friends!

Succulent rosette budding a new rosette!

Succulent leaf budding new sprouts of life. Amazing how they propagate.

Another succulent flowering plant. Love the hot pink flowers. Notice the tiny buds emerging through the thorns.

This philodendron or Swiss Cheese plant has been growing like crazy and has become very large. This is a view of a sprouting new leaf from the undersides of the plant.

Curry Leaf or Sweet Neem plant has been growing a lot this season. I love to see the little two new branches emerging from the top.

Gorgeous Fresh Italian Basil. Basic. Delicious. Love Summer just for Basil!

My gorgeous Japanese Maple that grows bright red but turns green with maturity.

One of the most precious plants in my garden. My Ginkgo plant. Given to me as a birthday present from my bff on my 31st birthday. I enjoy seeing new leaf buds as they emerge in the growing season.

Philodendron taken from a small cutting is thriving and taking over my garden.

Holy Basil sprouts that I found all over my garden in all the pots. I carefully moved them all in one pot. My darlings are slowly growing altogether in a beautiful family.

The very FIRST flower I got from my zebra plant since I’ve had it for 4 years. It’s a miracle! I love yellow flowers and this has made me very happy. But the aphids like them too :(

New babies emerging from the aloe plant. Unexpected and beautiful.

Life is too short not to wear fabulous shoes!

Shoe porn anyone? The last few days this has been my down time after overworking and mass producing for my craft shows. These photos are from the ShoeDazzle website. I have yet to purchase any from the website so this is not really a review but mere talk of shoe porn.

My are these shoes scrumptious. I don’t even know if I can sport all of these heels but I do enjoy looking at them. I’m tired of owning shoes that match with everything I own – code for black, brown and beige shoes. I mean when I go out shopping thinking – I want RED shoes, I always end up with a bag of black shoes. Mostly because thats more of whats out there and because well…. it matches with all my outfits.

During my trip to India, while my sister and I went on our afternoon touring shopping outings I found a very affordable gorgeous pair of bright yellow flats. This sparked my interest to own colorful shoes. I’m sure these have been around for a while and I’m just a late bloomer but… my life is depending upon owning Hot Pink, Yellow or Bright Orange shoes. Now! Stat! Even if they are just going to sit in my closet or just become a post on Instagram – I need these in my life.

PS: This is what mass producing crafts for craft shows does to you. You become a little crazy.

PPS: which shoes do you like from my shoedazzle favorites below? ;)
Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 1.05.53 PMScreen Shot 2015-08-22 at 1.05.41 PMScreen Shot 2015-08-22 at 1.05.25 PM

Returning from a journey

I was in Ahmedabad, India to visit family for about 3 weeks. Ofcourse two weeks before and two weeks after included. Before was preparation for the trip – buying gifts for family and your basic necessities that you will need during the trip. Along with pre paying bills and all taking care of the things that need to be taken care of while you are gone. Being gone for 3 weeks was quite a long time. I had to put my craft supplies business on hold and the upcoming craft show preparation was pending.

I returned 3 weeks later to a very jet lagged self for about 10 days after. Yes… the post 30 year old jet lag is nothing to joke about. I was utterly disoriented both times. Surroundings seemed different, people and the climate was most disorienting. Ofcourse I have done this a lot of times before, even more often. But it seemed more trying this time. It probably did not help that it was scorching humid hot for two weeks in India and the last week it was full on Monsoon, whilst upon return it was the familiarly unfamiliar dry California heat.

My skin was pretty confused going through all these climates. I felt like I barely needed any skincare whilst in India. Ofcourse that was not a good idea. My skin got dry but not dehydrated in India since I wasn’t taking as much care of it. Fortunately a good facial at a salon did the trick. The lady massaged all sorts of creams and scrubs on my face and made it wondrously new again. I tried my best to take care of it after that but I think I did not have the correct skincare for the climate. Upon return to California, my skin was confused all over again but within a few days it seemed to adjust back to the dry arid climate and I was able to resume my skin care suited to prevent dehydration. And I was concerned about my skin during the flight. That was the least of my worries!

I did end up buying a few skin care and hair care items from India. I shall write about those soon. How could I leave without buying a little something eh? ;)

Summer Tea Party! Floral themed!

My nerdiness and love for obsessing over things came to life with my little summer tea party for a girls gathering. It’s always nice to catch up with the gals, so I asked to leave their hubbies home and I whipped up a spread of tea themed goodies. Yes, everything had some sort of tea in it except for the sandwiches. I took ‘tea’ to a more ‘tea’ level! And I had a blast experimenting and baking my heart out. Take a look see below for all that was made to please my best gals.


The whole spread of the Summer tea party! Iced Teas included a passion fruit and earl grey tea and a lychee oolong tea.

I was most proud of my scones since they had a lot of flavor in them. They tasted like a flower garden. Imagine a rose garden lined with lavender. These smelled just as they tasted. Very delicate and delectable. The white chocolate chips added a slight sweetness to all the floral flavorings. It was pretty much a herbal tea scone I suppose. I added some white tea in it as well.


Lavender-Rose-White tea-Chamomile-White chocolate Scones. These tasted and smelled like a botanic garden <3

The star of the show seemed to be these simple jasmine green tea shortbread cookies. Ever heard of earl grey cookies? It’s the same but I decided since I’m going for a more summery floral theme jasmine green tea might be a winner. I was never much into earl grey anyhow.


Jasmine Green Tea Shortbread Cookies

Oolong poached peaches were very delicate as well yet full of flavor. I saved the tea I cooked the peaches in and sweetened it and used it as a dressing.


Oolong tea poached pears with mixed greens

The sandwiches were very fun to make and very delicious. I cut out rounds and just layered them with different toppings/fillings. I’m sure you can put whatever you like in these. It was a little easier than making a lot of finger sandwiches since I just made one for sandwich cake for each gal and it was plenty of food. Notice the edible flower decorations on the plate. I wanted to use it on the sandwiches but they were not as fresh as I hoped they could be. Next time I need to find a better source for edible flowers.


Vegetable Sandwich cakes. (bottom-up) Layer 1 – cucumber cream cheese. Layer 2 – goat cheese watercress. Top layer sliced radish, sweet tomato and parsley.

The plum was so flavorful. It had the tang from the mint and the sweetness from the pomegranate jam. Paired with nutella the tart was to die for. You can never go wrong with puff pastry apart from the calories. But this does not happen very often. Neither do the sandwiches or the sweets or any of this. So, it was a complete cheat day and it was totally worth it! Nothing like the feeling when people love the food you slaved hours over.


Nutella tart with a plum-mint-pomegranate jam compote

Goat cheese is another standard favorite when I make finger food. I paired it with this peach preserve I got at the farmers market that was made with orange blossoms.


Goat Cheese and peach tart

These were pretty! But took me a while to experiment with before I got it right. It is just pound cake slices with a layer of pomegranate jam and topped with melted white chocolate with a rose petal garnish.


Petit Fours – pomegranate jam and white chocolate with rose petals

And there you have it. A fun little tea party. Most of my plates and cups are purchased at CB2 or Crate & Barrell. The green tea cups are vintage cups purchased in Downtown Orange (California). The cake stands are from World Market and Home Goods.

Tell me, do you fancy tea? If so what’s your favorite tea? Mine is white teas and oolongs!

A few of my favorite things~ in my balcony!

Take a glimpse in my little balcony garden. I don’t have much but I have enough! These little friends of mine are a few plants in my balcony. I haven’t taken pictures of all of the pots yet, but I wanted to share what I have.

It isn’t impossible to enjoy gardening in a balcony with no direct sunlight. I have grown many things here as well as herbs and vegetables. I get ample indirect sunlight so my plants seem to enjoy that.

The key is to find a few resilient plants that will do well no matter what. Some of my favorites are Ginkgo, philodendron and low maintainance succulents. The key to succulents is – don’t give them too much love. Forget about watering them now and then and let them do their thing. They don’t do well indoors. I’ve tried many times.

I’ll talk more in detail about all the varieties of plants I have but this is just a quick look-see in my balcony! I love my Japanese Maple. It’s the variety that when it starts leafing its red then turns to green. It gives a little color in my life! Oh and the bottom right is a fig tree I got for my birthday. A Brown Turkey! I am excited to see if it fruits next year. And my little bonsai’s are a new addition to the family. :)

image5 image7 image8 image1 image2

Those forgotten skin cells!

If you are like me, you need a reminder on ‘forgotten’ skincare areas. We buy all these products to take care of our skin but tend to forget some important tips that helps us achieve our skincare goals.

Most commonly neglected skincare areas

1. Neck/Décolleté
I mean, really… isn’t this the obvious one? But we all tend to not take much care of the skin on the neck. Until we get a turkey neck and try to reverse that! And it’s not just the neck area but under the chin and all the way up to the décolleté that we tend to forget to put anything on. It is the area that shows the age the most! So start taking care of it. Sooner the better!

Solution #1: Try to use all your skincare steps under your chin and neck up to the décolleté.

Solution #2: Apply on your under chin area what is left over on your hands/fingers while applying skincare to your face. Use a body cream for neck and décolleté area.

Solution #3: If you are spending so much on skincare might as well buy a darn neck cream eh? I recommend Innisfree Soybean Firming Neck cream. It is approximately $20 for a jar and is a nice thick cream that lasts a long time. Why not?
31erCWMrvvL2. Lips
I always forget about these babies. But hey, the healthier the lips are, the better your lipstick will apply on and look.

Solution #1: Buy a lip balm! I use Burt Bees lip balms.

Solution #2: After you apply all that luscious skincare to your face, dab your fingers/palms on your lips. You may not notice a lot on your hands but it is getting something. After I started doing this, my lips brightened considerably.
Solution #3: Go shopping in your pantry! Coconut oil, Olive oil they all make great lip care. Just smother some on and call it a day!

3. Edges of your face
I see this every time I see my sister apply skincare on her face. She leaves about 1/8th -1/4 inch of space at the edges of her face while applying skincare. This baffles me.

Solution #1: Use the stuff all the way unto your hairline, your upper lip, the sides of your cheeks, your jawline and upto your ears! No cells should be discriminated while applying skincare!
Even your face masks. It’s not our fault. Most images I see of women in face masks have all these left off. No they are not right. Who cares if your hair gets dirty or you get some in your brows or side burns. The skin around it needs the nourishment! So the picture below is No Bueno!!!

Solution #2: Really just… apply it everywhere!

Woman with Facial Mask --- Image by © Sean De Burca/Corbis

Woman with Facial Mask — Image by © Sean De Burca/Corbis

4. Ears
What? Skincare on ears? I mean, yeah they are covered by our hair most of the time. And I do use a Q tip!

Welsh Corgi --- Image by © Zack Seckler/Corbis

Welsh Corgi — Image by © Zack Seckler/Corbis

Solution #1: Once in a while give the ear lobes a good clean while using your cleanser and apply some lotion or cream to the poor cartilage! Especially if you are like me and have four piercings, you might want to take it all out and clean the whole area well and moisturize. I get eczema if I don’t take care of my lobes!

Hope that was helpful folks! Just a little fun and friendly advice. ;)

The hibernation bug

Do you ever just get burnt out by everything? Then after a good hibernation (or two) it starts getting better? I was not like this before I turned 30. But it seems things are more difficult to handle now. Why do you ask? I wish I knew.

Perhaps after experiences, encounters, successes and failures… things just don’t remain the same any longer. I was very ambitious in my 20s and with that twinkle in your eye when you are in school you are ready to conquer the world. Until… you actually meet the real world. Success is not as easy as it was in school. The luster starts to fade a bit once you meet the real world. It’s a tad bit harder to get up after a few hits in the face. The first hit is much easier, you gather yourself up pretty quickly since the ambition hasn’t been slapped out of you just yet.

This might sound very negative, but it is actually the most positive thing that happened to me (sadly). I had to hit rock bottom in order to gather myself up and face the world once again with a new ambition in mind. This time not as naive anymore, but a lot more cautious and more baby steps than long strides.

I work hard. But the stress I can’t handle as much as I could some 10 years ago. I get tired to the point that I get burnt out. I can not take on the world any longer, I feel. But then there is that small hope of hibernation. So I need to hibernate for a day or two. I stay in bed, get take out, do a LOST marathon and call it a day. There is something rejuvenating about this. I can not logically explain why. Is it the mind numbing? Is it the resting? Is it the not doing anything? Is it peaceful to just zone out? Not sure. But it works. And I think it is healthy. It is healthy to disappear for a day and repair yourself then have a meltdown. Don’t you think?

Then you eventually get tired of watching LOST and being in bed and want an actual meal. And so life begins again and you are ready to take things head on once again. It got just a tad bit easier.

Next time you can’t handle life, give yourself a break. You deserve a day of nothing. If you are like me, you really need to pep talk yourself into doing nothing. Let me tell you, this is probably why I get burnt out. I don’t let myself rest.

How do you hibernate or unwind?